# static constant exports.chooseBetween

Chooses the 'best' course to take given an array of slugs, the student and the courses the student has taken.

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# static constant exports.CourseInstances

Provides the singleton instance of this class to all other entities.

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# static constant exports.Courses

Provides the singleton instance of this class to all other entities.

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# static constant exports.getDepartment

Returns the department from the given course slug.

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# static constant exports.getFutureEnrollmentMethod

Given a courseID, returns enrollment data for the upcoming 9 academicTerms. The returned data is an object with fields courseID and enrollmentData. CourseID is the course ID. EnrollmentData is an array of arrays. Each interior array is a tuple: a string containing the shortname and an integer indicating the enrollment data.

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{ courseID: 'xghuyf2132q3',
  enrollmentData: [['Sp19', 0], ['Su19', 1], ['Fa19', 5],
                   ['Sp20', 25], ['Su20', 2], ['Fa20', 0],
                   ['Sp21', 1], ['Su21', 0], ['Fa21', 1]]

# static constant exports.makeSampleCourse

Creates a Course with a unique slug and returns its docID.

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# static constant exports.makeSampleCourseInstance

Creates a CourseInstance with a unique slug and returns its docID. Also creates a new Course.

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# static getEnrollmentData(courseID, termID)

Returns an array with two elements: a string with the shortName of the academicTerm, and an integer indicating the current planned enrollment for the course in that academicTerm.

Name Type Description

The ID of the course.


The ID of the academicTerm.

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